Better Mortgages May be Coming!

After a reduction in the level of mortgage lending during the summer months, Mortgage Providers are expected to make their products more attractive in the fourth quarter to win back lost market shares and volumes. This is good news for both first time buyers and for those seeking to move up the property ladder.Read more


Minimising the Monthly Cost of a Mortgage

Following the withdrawal of most interest only mortgage options from the market, there is evidence that the average repayment period for residential mortgages has increased significantly. Mortgage applicants are seeking to minimise their monthly payments by stretching the loan period towards the 40 year term offered by some mainstream providers.Read more


Are You Worried about The Mortgage Affordability Rules?

The new affordability rules introduced this year have made getting a mortgage more uncertain for both first time buyers and existing homeowners planning to move house. In order to guide you through the extended application process and to find out how much can be borrowed, it is best to take impartial advice from a whole of market mortgage adviser firm.Read more


The Let to Buy Alternative

Let to Buy is proving a popular option for relocating homeowners who do not wish to sell, or are having difficulty in selling, their current home. The concept enables people to become residential landlords by switching their existing main home into an investment property.

Read more